How to Produce 10 Tons Per Hour of NPK Fertilizers?

What Raw Materials Are Suitable for This Extrusion Granulation Line?

Producing NPK fertilizers at a rate of 10 tons per hour requires an understanding of the appropriate raw materials. For optimal results, industries should consider using a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds. Ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium phosphate, and potassium chloride are excellent choices.

Each raw material offers unique benefits. Ammonium nitrate provides a rapid nitrogen release, aiding in quicker plant growth for agricultural sectors. Urea is cost-effective, making it popular among large-scale farming operations. Ammonium phosphate supplies essential phosphorus for root development, crucial for horticultural industries. Potassium chloride ensures overall plant health, indispensable for flower and fruit cultivation.

What Machine Features Ensure Efficiency?

A 10 t/h NPK fertilizer production line integrates several specialized machines. The loader type feeder initiates the process by delivering raw materials accurately. To achieve uniform particle size, the crain crusher crushes the materials, preventing any blockages during processing.

The horizontal mixer then thoroughly blends the crushed materials, ensuring a homogeneous mixture. The double roller extrusion granulator, known also as a press or compactor, plays a critical role in forming granules. It uses mechanical pressure to compact the mixed materials into uniform, dry granules without the need for additional drying processes, saving energy and time.

Why Is Proper Raw Material Selection Crucial?

Selecting the right raw materials directly impacts the quality and efficacy of the final NPK fertilizers. For example, ammonium sulfate provides sulfur, improving disease resistance in plants. Diammonium phosphate (DAP) offers both nitrogen and phosphorus, beneficial for fruit-bearing plants. Potassium sulfate serves as a chlorine-free option, ideal for sensitive crops like tobacco or potatoes.

Each material must be compatible with the double roller extrusion granulator to ensure smooth processing. Misalignment in material properties can lead to operational inefficiencies, affecting production rates and product quality.

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How Does Equipment Choice Affect Production?

Equipment choice significantly influences the overall efficiency of the 10 TPH NPK fertilizer production line. The horizontal mixer ensures consistent blending, crucial for uniform nutrient distribution in the granules. The rotary screening machine separates qualified granules from the powdery materials, facilitating a recycling process that enhances resource utilization.

An automatic packaging scale guarantees precise weighing and packaging, reducing material wastage and ensuring product consistency. Belt conveyors maintain a seamless flow of materials between machines, minimizing manual intervention and boosting productivity.

How to Optimize Production with Advanced Equipment?

Advanced equipment from professional manufacturers like Yushunxin can optimize NPK fertilizer production. Their double roller extrusion granulators guarantee high-precision granulation, reducing the need for post-production adjustments. Yushunxin’s loader type feeders and horizontal mixers enhance initial material handling and blending efficiency.

Moreover, incorporating their rotary screening machines ensures meticulous separation processes, while automatic packaging scales streamline the final stages of production. Belt conveyors by Yushunxin facilitate smooth transitions between different production phases, ensuring a continuous, efficient workflow.

In summary, producing 10 tons per hour of NPK fertilizers involves careful selection of raw materials and advanced machinery. Each equipment piece, from loaders to packaging scales, plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless, efficient production process. Collaborating with esteemed manufacturers like Yushunxin can further optimize operations, ensuring high-quality fertilizer output. You can visit:

Industries That Can Maximize Their Benefits Through the Utilization of Double Roller Extrusion Granulators

This article will examine the multitude of industries that can significantly gain from utilizing double roller extrusion granulators. Such devices offer efficient solutions for converting raw materials into granules, which are vital in various sectors. The focus will be on the particular needs, advantages, and examples of appropriate raw materials for each industry.

Part 1: Agriculture and Fertilizer Industry

The agriculture and fertilizer industry stands to benefit from the use of double roller extrusion pelletizer by enhancing both productivity and the quality of the output. These devices are adept at processing raw materials like livestock manure, crop residues, and organic waste. Through compaction and shaping of these materials, uniform granules are produced, making them easier to distribute and apply. Further, the slow-release properties of the granules ensure a gradual release of nutrients, enabling healthier plant growth.

Double roller granulator for compound fertilizer making

Double roller granulator for compound fertilizer making

Part 2: Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry

In the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, double roller extrusion granulators are invaluable for producing granules from powdered materials, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or chemical compounds. The resulting granules enhance flowability, facilitating easier handling during manufacturing processes such as tablet compression or blending. Additionally, the granulation process contributes to the stability and bioavailability of the final products.

Part 3: Food Processing Industry

Adoption of double roller press granulator within the food processing industry can lead to significant benefits. These devices aid in transforming food ingredients like powders, flakes, or pastes into granules. The advantages of granules include improved dispersibility, reduced dustiness, and better mixing properties. Consequently, food manufacturers can achieve a uniform texture, controlled flavor or nutrient release, and an extended shelf life.

Double Roller Making Granules Machine

Double roller extrusion granulator for compound fertilizer plants.

Part 4: Environmental and Waste Management Industry

The environmental and waste management industry relies on double roller granulator for converting waste materials into valuable products. Processing materials such as municipal solid waste (MSW), sewage sludge, or biomass into granules decreases their volume and enhances their value for uses like fuel pellets or soil amendment. Additionally, the granulation process aids in controlling odors and reduces risks associated with transportation and handling.


Double roller extrusion granulators are indispensable across various industries, proving to be efficient in achieving granulation. The exploration here highlights how these devices offer solutions in agriculture and fertilizer, pharmaceutical and chemical, food processing, and environmental and waste management industries. Their adoption leads to improved product quality, ease of handling, and environmental sustainability. Opting for double roller extrusion granulators represents a strategic step towards boosting production efficiency and fulfilling industrial demands.

For additional insights on how these devices can transform production processes, Yushunxin specializes in the production of high-quality fertilizer equipment, including double roller extrusion granulators. Visit:

How to Produce Limestone Powder Granules?

In the realm of industrial production, the creation of limestone powder granules stands as a pivotal process, pivotal in its contribution to various industries. Delving into the intricacies of this procedure necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the machinery involved, the raw materials utilized, and the significance of a well-configured production line.

Part 1: Machinery Features and Raw Materials

Exploring the Machine Dynamics:

Within the sphere of limestone powder granulation, the machinery employed plays a fundamental role. The utilization of cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency throughout the production process. From the initial pulverization to the final granulation stage, each machine component seamlessly integrates to facilitate a streamlined operation.

Highlighting Machine Features:

The incorporation of advanced features such as precision control mechanisms and robust material handling capabilities distinguishes modern granulation machinery. These features not only enhance productivity but also ensure the consistency and quality of the resulting limestone powder granules.

Examining Raw Materials:

Central to the granulation process are the raw materials utilized. Limestone, with its abundance and versatility, stands as the primary ingredient in this endeavor. Additionally, supplementary materials such as binders and additives may be introduced to augment the properties of the final product.

Making Rock Phosphate, Limestone, And Dolomite Pellets by Dry Granulator

Making Rock Phosphate, Limestone, And Dolomite Pellets by Dry Granulator

The Role of Granulation Equipment in Limestone Powder Processing

Central to the transformation of limestone powder into granules is the deployment of sophisticated equipment. A pivotal machine in this operation is the double roller extrusion granulator, which employs dry granulation technique—bypassing the need for binder materials. This machine exerts pressure on the limestone powder, compacting it into uniform granules. The significance of this equipment lies in its efficiency and ability to produce granules with consistent size and shape, which are crucial for the material’s subsequent applications.

Why Incorporate a Horizontal Mixer and Vertical Crusher in Your Production Line?

For a production line aiming at superior quality limestone granules, the inclusion of a horizontal mixer and a vertical crusher becomes indispensable. The horizontal mixer ensures thorough blending of limestone powder before granulation, promoting uniformity in the final product. On the other hand, the vertical crusher plays a crucial role in size reduction and homogenization of the raw material. These machines, when combined, contribute to a streamlined process flow, enhancing the overall efficiency and output quality of the granulation line.

Simple NPK Fertilizer Granulation Line

Simple NPK Fertilizer Granulation Line

Enhancing Production Line Efficiency: The Importance of Equipment Selection

Selecting the appropriate machinery is paramount for achieving an optimal production line for limestone granules. Equipment such as double roller extrusion granulators, horizontal mixers, and vertical crushers should be chosen based on their performance, durability, and compatibility with the limestone processing requirements. Furthermore, attention should be given to the scalability and flexibility of the equipment to accommodate future expansion needs and variability in production demands.


The journey from limestone powder to granules involves meticulous planning, understanding of the material properties, and the strategic deployment of specialized equipment. By prioritizing the selection of high-performance machinery and adhering to best practices in material preparation and process execution, one can establish a robust production line. It is in this context that Yushunxin emerges as a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, offering solutions that cater to the intricate needs of limestone granulation. Their expertise and product offerings represent a valuable asset for those aspiring to excel in the production of limestone granules. You can visit:

How to Make Bentonite Granules?

Creating high-quality bentonite granules is essential for various industrial applications, from agriculture to chemicals. This process requires precision, appropriate machinery, and an understanding of the granulation process. In this detailed guide, you will discover how to efficiently produce bentonite granules, focusing on the machinery involved and the reasons behind the choice of specific equipment.

Understanding the Raw Materials for Bentonite Granulation

Before diving into the granulation process, one must recognize the importance of the raw materials used. Bentonite, a highly absorbent clay, forms the base of the granulation process. Depending on the intended use of the granules, additional materials might be mixed with bentonite to enhance its properties. These can range from polymers for water retention in agricultural applications to minerals that improve its strength for industrial use. The choice of raw materials is crucial as it directly affects the quality and characteristics of the final granules. Read more.

Processing Many Types of Bentonite by Double Roller Granulator

Processing Many Types of Bentonite by Double Roller Granulator

The Role of the Double Roller Extrusion Granulator in Bentonite Granulation

At the heart of the bentonite granulation process lies the double roller extrusion granulator, a machine designed to compact and form the raw materials into dense, uniform granules. Unlike other granulation methods, this process does not require the addition of liquids, making it an ideal choice for materials that are sensitive to moisture. The machine’s precision allows for the control of granule size and density, ensuring that the final product meets specific requirements.

Why Choose Horizontal Mixers and Vertical Crushers for Your Production Line?

For a seamless and efficient bentonite granulation process, incorporating horizontal mixers and vertical crushers into the production line is advisable. The horizontal mixer ensures that the raw materials are thoroughly blended before granulation, providing a consistent mixture that promotes uniform granule quality. On the other hand, the vertical crusher plays a critical role in processing oversized granules or materials that clump together, crushing them back into fine particles that can be reintroduced into the granulation process. This combination not only optimizes the process but also minimizes waste, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Configuring a Bentonite Granulation Production Line

When setting up a production line for bentonite granules, understanding the synergy between different machines is key. Starting with the vertical crusher, raw materials are brought to a uniform size, ensuring a smooth feed into the horizontal mixer. Here, any additional ingredients are combined with bentonite to achieve the desired mixture. The heart of the operation, the double roller extrusion granulator, then compacts this mixture into dense granules. This methodical approach guarantees high-quality granules with minimal resource wastage.


The production of bentonite granules is a sophisticated process that demands precision and the right equipment. By choosing machines like the double roller extrusion granulator, horizontal mixers, and vertical crushers, manufacturers can ensure the production of high-quality granules. This not only optimizes the granulation process but also aligns with industrial standards, ensuring that the final products meet the needs of various applications. As professionals in the field, Yushunxin, is committed to providing state-of-the-art fertilizer equipment that caters to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that they achieve the best possible outcomes in their granulation projects. You can visit:

What Is The Main Keypoint When Choosing The Machine For Dry Granulation?

The dry granulation method is a form of compression that is utilized batch sizes of material. It is capable of combining different types of powder into a roll compaction machine, that can create larger granules through this process. When you use dry granulation, you get many separate benefits. You can lock specific ratios when you are producing pellets. You can also improve the flow, and also control the hardness of the granules you are producing. It is perfect for bulk density reduction which is useful for packing and storage. Here is the Key Point that you should focus upon when choosing a machine designed for dry granulation.

Flat Die Powder Granulation Machine

Flat Die Powder Granulation Machine

Why Are These Machines Used?

These machines are used for several different purposes. First of all, if you have a fertilizer company and you are producing fertilizer pellets that plant will take, you will need to have one of these machines. Feed can also be combined in this manner, as well as chemical and industrial supplies. For all of these reasons, you will need to have a machine that can combine powdered arise material together.

What Is The KeyPoint Of Choosing One Of These Machines?

The main reason that you should consider using one of these machines is that it will help you save a lot of money. You won’t have to outsource the creation of these pellets because you will be able to do it yourself. You must find a company that specializes in the production of these dry granulation machines which is designed for the granulation process. Whether this is for pharmaceutical bills, fertilizer pellets, or any capsule that must be produced, you will need the best machines in the industry for this to work.

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

Where Can You Find Businesses That Produce Them

The companies that produce these machines are very easy to locate. They are producing them at a high rate of speed. This is due to the increasing pellets needed for fertilizer, as well as pills for the pharmaceutical industry. Advancements have been made in the technology for the granulation process. You will need to obtain one that is easy to use and also highly efficient. The output for these machines should help your business produce as much of this material as possible. It really is that easy to obtain one for your business. if possible, speak with the owner of the company directly. This will give you the best insight as to how much it will cost for some of their top machines.

If you have not obtained one of these for your business yet, you can easily find one by searching on industrial websites. You will often locate several of these companies in the span of minutes. They are constantly advertising the services and products that they offer. If you are in dire need of a fertilizer dry granulator for your company, start requesting estimates from as many companies as you can. This will give you an overview of what is out there, and how you can find the best that will help you save money as you are producing these products.

Getting A Better Price On A Double Roller Press Granulator Machine

The ability to access a double roller press granulator machine might be invaluable. However, since equipment like this is a fairly significant purchase, you’re likely to want to successfully get the best price possible. Follow these suggestions, and you’ll have the capacity to reduce the next purchase.

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

Really Know What Your Needs Are

Among the primary things which may influence the expense of a purchase similar to this will be the features that the machine offers. It doesn’t sound right for you to spend more money to be able to access features which you won’t actually use.

Think carefully about what you require through your granulator machine and concentration on finding equipment which fits those needs. While you can purchase equipment which will do more than you need it to complete, it isn’t an essential purchase. You should ensure you use the money that you’re spending effectively.

Double Roller Granulator in Manufacturing

Double Roller Granulator in Manufacturing

Locate A Vendor With Excellent Rates

You may be able to save money on the fertilizer plant machinery you’re buying in the event you shop with all the right vendor. Look into a few vendors to see what they charge for this sort of machinery. If possible, you might want to contact vendors for price quotes.

Extrusion Granular Potassium Fertilize Production Line

Extrusion Granular Potassium Fertilize Production Line

If you’re able to get reliable vendors which have fair rates, you’ll have the capacity to spend a lot less in total. You’ll likewise be able to work with that same vendor if you need to purchase additional equipment later on. Find out more about your options and identify the most effective vendors to get from.

Find Out More About Manufacturers

Yet another thing that can have got a significant influence on the whole price of a double roller press granulator machine may be the brand behind that machine. You’ll want to find out more about various manufacturers to help you hunt for brands offering discounted prices.

You don’t necessarily ought to purchase from a brandname that you’re familiar with. Remember, you will always find plenty of methods for you for additional information about various brands. Should you set-aside some time to research different manufacturers, you’ll know which brands you have to be buying from.

Make Certain You’re Receiving A Good Value

You ought to never invest in a machine simply because the purchase pricing is low. It is wise to take a close look at what you’re getting for your money. Keep in mind what you’re will be spending with time.

In many cases, it would make more sense for you to invest in energy-efficient machinery. Whenever you buy granulation equipment like this, you’ll save money money to help keep it operational, which suggests your total costs after a while will be lower. You must also take a look at what you’re more likely to spend on maintenance in the future.

If you’re willing to make the extra effort, you must be able to get a significantly better price on a double roller press granulator machine. Being smart while you shop can save you hundreds or more, this is why you’ll wish to keep these tips at the forefront of your mind. More detials go to